Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beach Bracelets: The Journey

My beach bracelets are definitely a keeper.  It's been quite a journey making this line of bracelets. 

The Original Prototype
These simple bracelets, quick and fun to make with simple knotting, had a tendency to stretch out and loosen. I learned to make them snug-fitting to begin with.

The Sturdy Version

Hoping to create a version of the original prototype that would not stretch out so easily, I progressed to woven bracelets. Made with six strands and a weaving strand, these bracelets were much more time-consuming to make but way sturdier. They definitely hold their shape nicely over time.

My first woven band: 

The next experiment: loved the beachy blues!

Technique mastered: This style is super tight and sturdy. Later after a bit of wear, I added glue to the tail ends to prevent this fraying.

Hitting my stride: playing with color

A productive day on the beach a couple of days ago . . . made this bracelet. Great way to spend three hours! Pretty sure there are actual grains of sand in this one (a true beach bracelet), as the winds were high, and I was being sandblasted. Love these playful colors!


I have field (or rather, beach) tested my own beach bracelet for weeks now, and I am pleased with the way it wears. Initially stiff, it gets comfortably soft and homey. I wear mine every day!

Getting Orders 

At a local restaurant the other day, our server noticed my bracelet and expressed an interest in one. I gave her my business card.

After posting a photo on Facebook, I just received an order from a friend for three more bracelets -   one in beachy light blue and seafoam green . . . 

. . . and two in Seahawk colors.

Playing with copper . . . 

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