Monday, May 11, 2015

We're All Ears :: May Reveal

This month's inspiration is dance, specifically a music video for an addicting song called 'Skyscrapers' 
by the band OK Go. (Check out their website. Innovative stuff! I remember seeing and enjoying their treadmill dance video a long time ago.)

Here is a collage of still photos, the dancers set against a backdrop of shifting video of colorful buildings in Los Angeles.

I found myself drawn to these vibrant colors and the movement of the tango, particularly the dancers' legs. I knew these earrings would be dangly and full of movement. Initially, I was going to focus on a monochromatic color palette, but once all the beads were on my studio table, I just couldn't limit myself to one color. 


The curved gunmetal connector and wire-wrapped orange aqua terra jasper bead reminded me of the dancers' legs and the way they intertwined and fit together in those tango steps. Two dangles represent the dancing couple.  I had gunmetal connectors, jump rings, and head pins in my stash but no 20 gague gunmetal wire for earwires. Once again, Vintaj patina to the rescue (onyx). 

As I was photographing these earrings on my front porch, I noticed the same colors in the flower pots sitting on my potting bench. I love the warm and cheerful color palette here. So summer!


Again, echoing the partnership of the dance with one person in a firm stance (the tin) and the other swaying and spiraling around (the chained briolette), this next pair of earrings continues the play with color. The movement of the pattern on this tin caught my eye, as it resembles the movement of the dance. I love that the reverse side of the tin was lime-colored; it influenced my bead choice instantly. I suffered for my art on this pair, cutting my finger while filing the edges of the tin. (Filing is one of my least favorite jewelry-making tasks.)

I just had to keep playing with that tin, and this bracelet crashed the earring party. 


No big story on this last pair. Just playing around with wild colors. Indonesian glass, spiny oyster, riveted deerskin leather, patinated copper washers, copper wire, and waxed linen. 


This color palette leaked into places other than just jewelry. The rusted metal garden art that has been languishing unnoticed in my yard just received an update. Once the cans of spray paint were in my hands, nothing was safe from the nozzle. My husband had to stop me from searching for more metal things to spruce up. (Honey, what would you think of a mint-colored BBQ grill with coral handles and periwinkle legs?)

During recent trips to local plant sales and nurseries, I just couldn't resist the explosion of colorful blooming flowers. I think I am becoming the "crazy plant lady" of our neighborhood. 

Thank you, Erin, for yet another fabulous earring inspiration. Let's see what other artists created by visiting the Earrings Everyday Reveal post. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Clearing My Head

Ok, this post might not appear jewelry-related, but there is actually a connection. Today was the most glorious day at the beach.  When life gets weird, I head to the beach to clear my head and get perspective. The recent theft of three bracelets from a shop (where I am consigning my jewelry) has put my head in a funk. I fluctuate between rage and resignation; it's difficult to keep my head straight about  the whole thing. On minute I console myself with the thought that somebody at least liked my jewelry enough to steal it and that karma will just get her. In the next moment, I am thinking that, if I see the bitch, I will grab her and yank my lovelies off her damn wrist. 

So . . . you see, I really needed this retreat to sort things out.

Neskowin Beach, Oregon

Proposal Rock 

A wind-protected cove and warm sun. Bare feet in the sand. 

Did some tai chi on the sand while waves washed over my feet. Nothing like frigid water, warm sun, envigorating breezes, and a cloudless blue sky to spin some positive energy. That feeling of being connected to the sky and the earth. Powerful. 

After regrouping, I was able to problem solve the situation. Drooling over some lovely antique locking display cases in a Lincoln City antique mall that were all NFS, I discovered how impossible they are to find. Then, I fell in love with this beauty from IKEA and can totally see my jewelry safely living there. 

Shoplifter, you will not defeat me! (And I hope you discover you have a severe metal allergy while wearing my bracelets. So there!)