Friday, May 1, 2015

Clearing My Head

Ok, this post might not appear jewelry-related, but there is actually a connection. Today was the most glorious day at the beach.  When life gets weird, I head to the beach to clear my head and get perspective. The recent theft of three bracelets from a shop (where I am consigning my jewelry) has put my head in a funk. I fluctuate between rage and resignation; it's difficult to keep my head straight about  the whole thing. On minute I console myself with the thought that somebody at least liked my jewelry enough to steal it and that karma will just get her. In the next moment, I am thinking that, if I see the bitch, I will grab her and yank my lovelies off her damn wrist. 

So . . . you see, I really needed this retreat to sort things out.

Neskowin Beach, Oregon

Proposal Rock 

A wind-protected cove and warm sun. Bare feet in the sand. 

Did some tai chi on the sand while waves washed over my feet. Nothing like frigid water, warm sun, envigorating breezes, and a cloudless blue sky to spin some positive energy. That feeling of being connected to the sky and the earth. Powerful. 

After regrouping, I was able to problem solve the situation. Drooling over some lovely antique locking display cases in a Lincoln City antique mall that were all NFS, I discovered how impossible they are to find. Then, I fell in love with this beauty from IKEA and can totally see my jewelry safely living there. 

Shoplifter, you will not defeat me! (And I hope you discover you have a severe metal allergy while wearing my bracelets. So there!)

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