Thursday, April 23, 2015

Color Play

Today this photo showed up in one of my feeds. I'm so in the habit of flipping madly (and frequently) between my FB feed, Pinterest feed, Blogger feed, and Twitter feed that I now have no idea where this photo came from in order to give credit. (Just typing this last sentence has made me realize how out of control my social media habits are. Might be intervention time, folks.) 

Anyway, here is the photo that started this all.

Today, unlike recent gorgeous spring days, was dreary and gray. After seeing this photo, however, I was inspired to play with beads and color. Blues happened. Cobalt and turquoise.

Lovely lapis, turquoise, magnesite, blue jasper, and silver beads strung on beading wire and crimped to silver rings and a gorgeous silk ribbon. The lapis pendant was originally a lone earring donated by a kind friend. (Thanks, Kathryn! I think it feels better being part of a family again.)

This ribbon is so soft against the neck. Yum! 

And some pretty coordinating earrings to tag along.

Next, I'd like to continue playing and work in some reds and greens along with the blues. Now that I look at this set, I wish I had added some reds. Tomorrow. 

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