Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We're All Ears :: September Reveal

September's inspiration photo is macro photography shots of nature's intricate terrain. The shades of green and the textures fascinate me. 

The picture I was most drawn to was the picture below. I love the details and the colors. I wanted to somehow capture the swirls of the gray on the green. 

After pulling out trays of green and gray beads, I discovered my stash of aqua terra jasper and knew they would be the feature beads. I love the veining in the beads and the way they look almost like wood and mimic the color and texture in the pictures. 

One of the things I like about these earrings is the zen-like feel of them. I didn't expect to be able to create anything after a month-long hiatus from jewelry-making, much less something zen-like. Recovering from major surgery has left me uninspired and physically unable to venture into my studio. (Sadly, I had to forgo last month's colorful project as a result.) Finally, I was able to navigate the stairs and get back into my groove. I'm back! Thank you, Erin, for posting such an inspiring photo. I loved this challenge and feel joyful about getting my creative mojo back.

* I wish I had more time and mobility to get better photos, but these will have to do. 

I look forward to seeing everyone else's creations at http://earrings-everyday.blogspot.com.