Artist Statement

Every walk on the beach is a treasure hunt. Fragments of shells and agates rest on the wet sand, waiting to be discovered. Countless jars of found beach treasures line my home windowsills, populate my dresser drawers, and beg to be utilized in some way. What to do with them? In the summer of 2010, I taught myself to wire wrap a shell fragment and my jewelry obsession began.
I am an eclectic jewelry artist who is inspired by the whim of the moment. Found and repurposed objects – seashore ephemera, industrial hardware from my garage, old components and gemstones from family jewelry boxes, old buttons from vintage clothing – fascinate me. I love giving these pieces new purpose. I never know where my creative energy will lead me; I just naturally follow the tides.
Watching a piece of jewelry come together – from initial inspiration to final clasp – is an immensely rewarding process. Finding a way to balance a variety of components – from gemstones to metal to natural found or vintage objects to fibers and leather – and shaping and texturing metal is a challenge and a joy. What begins as a individual, beautiful treasure becomes part of larger piece of art to be discovered anew.

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