Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Beach Bracelets: The New Generation

These bracelets have become an addiction! Originally made with natural hemp, I am now experimenting with colored hemp and colored cotton cording. Playing with colors has now become an exciting new pastime. 

Seaside Sunset

The oranges, yellows, and blues of the sunset inspired this new beach bracelet. I threw some greens in there to represent the forested coastal mountains (and the green flash I hope to see on the horizon someday). The button even resembles the sun. I am enjoying working with this cotton cord, which is soft to the touch and knots very nicely. 

Going Green

In honor of my once-green grass that is now dry, brown, and brittle and the once-green hillside behind us that is now treeless, brown, and scarred by clearcuts. Rain, please pay us a kind visit. (And timber companies, leave our forests alone!)

 Blue Skies, Blue Water

Sunset Pinks and Purples 

This Summer of Sun


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