Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Surf's Up: Beach Bracelets

After days of wind and rain, there was a little peak of sun today. I guess that was all it took to spark thoughts of summer. And for me, that means BEACH BRACELETS! Usually, I make these bracelets on my porch or on the beach . . . 

. . . sun shining, warm breezes, sunflower buttons, sea blue glass beads, woven hemp. So much fun to make and to wear. Almost like it actually is summer.

Usually I knot these bracelets, but this is a new WOVEN design . . . 

My husband wanted a bracelet in browns and whites, so I added a leather button and brown, black, and white beads.

Weaving these bracelets is completely addicting, and I can pretend I am on the beach in the sun with the surf rolling in. These are sturdy, substantial bracelets and very comfy to wear. Surf's up!

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