Saturday, February 14, 2015

Earthy and Soft Ribbon Necklace

I promised to post photos of completed designs utilizing my embossed and patinated tin components. Here we go . . . 

Working with this batiked silk ribbon opens up a whole new world of design for me! I'm now combining ribbon with the embossed metal pieces I have created. The ribbon feels so soft and comfortable against the back of the neck.  

*Embossed and patinated tin, turquoise, fancy jasper, amazonite, antiqued copper beads and textured washers, silk ribbon.

I love the design on this pendant.  The tin was black, and I love the subtle way the color shows through after reliefing the piece. 

I also figured out a way to make this necklace adjustable in length. Just pull the fabric through the large-holed beads to shorten.

Coordinating Earrings - embossed and patinated tin, turquoise, fancy jasper, antiqued copper, handmade copper earwires

With my new stash of gorgeous batiked ribbon, I am excited about creating this new line of jewelry. More colors to play with!


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    1. Thank you, Lori, for leaving a comment. I think I am seriously addicted to Elizabeth's ribbons. It will be fun to explore how to incorporate them into my necklace and bracelet deigns.