Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring Fling

Spring @ Sunflower Flats 

Cindy Gardner, the owner of Sunflower Flats in Tillamook, Oregon, requested some new jewelry in a pink, lavender, and purple color palette for spring. Those aren't colors I usually work with, but I had great fun with these. 

Vintage beads, glass, mother-of-pearl buttons, bone, silver

Trade beads, seaglass, recycled glass, blue lace agate, copper

Rose quartz and amethyst drops, glass, silver

Embossed and painted recycled tin, glass, silver

Cindy's daughter, Natalie, sent me photos of the spring jewelry display case at the shop. She and Cindy always create such pretty and clever displays throughout the store. With the sunny warm weather yesterday and again today, it seems like spring has finally arrived, making winter a distant memory. 

Thank you, Cindy and Natalie Rieger! Happy Spring!

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