Saturday, April 8, 2017

Not Just Jewelry

My friend Kirk Willis requested a keychain, so now I am making something entirely new. Life is not all about jewelry, I realize!  He has opened my mind to non-jewelry applications for beads and leather . . . window hangings, napkin rings, wine glass charms, etc. I love new projects!

* Brown & cobalt blue suede, very old trade bead, recycled glass, shell, bone, wood, antiqued brass charm/chain/beads.

Anyone who knows Kirk, knows of his fondness for bears. When he specifically asked for a bear charm, I was fortunate to find one in a cool antique shop in the town of Coburg

I had some leftover black leather strap (I throw away nothing!) and these enameled number tags. All of the numbers on the tags are just random, which made me wonder if customers would buy them if the numbers had no special meaning for them. I figured that "17" could at least stand for the current year. :) 

What are your thoughts about the randomness of these numbers? Do you think random numbers would appeal to customers?

* riveted leather strap, bone, shell, enameled number tag


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