Saturday, September 12, 2015

We're All Ears :: September Reveal

For me, this challenge inspiration and process was w-a-y more interesting that the pieces I actually created. With that said, here we go . . . 

The Inspiration

This month's inspiration is a performance art piece from Japanese dance and art troupe ENRA called  
Torque Starter.

Check out other Works by Enra.

Without color to rely on this month, the design focus is on shapes and geometric forms. 

The Process

First step, pull out black and white materials. Limit myself to these materials. (We'll see how that goes.)

Second step, watch the video several times, look for appealing shapes, and draw them. 

Now . . . start creating! Cutting discs from white tin.

Drawing shapes on tin pieces with Sharpie and doming them. (Feels a bit like Zentangle.)

The Earrings

Ok, so this idea had promise, but the result didn't hold up under the ultimate scrutiny of a close up photograph. Totally unhappy with the quality of these, and my perfection won't let me live with them. But that's what challenges are all about. Sometimes you hit; sometimes you miss. This is a miss. 

On these next pair of earrings I decided to highlight the spiral shapes and trapezoids in the video. Basic earrings. Nothing special. Maybe this challenge is going to defeat me. Usually I am very pleased with the pieces I create. There is still hope. I hope. 

Life got busy and my muse departed. I really wanted to create something I feel proud of for this challenge, but I am throwing in the towel on this one. Thanks, Erin, for another great inspiration. Sorry I couldn't do it more justice. 


Speaking of justice ....

I'm think that part of my problem for this challenge was that I was distracted by another project. My creative energy gravitated to a cause for which I have great passion, the environment. I made this set as a raffle item donation for an event that I was involved in planning. Here is a link to my blog post about it:


  1. I loved that you shared your creative process! I love the glow of opalite...between you and me I have a hard time using it. Not sure day I'll figure it out. Your "I speak for trees" pieces are wonderful! I totally understand your distraction!

    1. Thanks, Terri. Yes, I've haven't been able to successfully use opalite. Maybe some day we'll both get a revelation about using it. :) When my heart isn't really in something and I limit my options, I usually can't create something I like.

  2. I enjoyed the opportunity to follow your creative process, sketching and planning is something I need to work on more. Sometimes I use my macro lens to examine my pieces too and throw them down in fright!! Good luck with your battle to save your local environment, it's important to stand up and be heard ...xx

    1. I'm glad that I at least had my process to offer this month. I don't usually sketch, so this was unusual for me to do. Good thing we have our macro lens to save us from sending out pieces into the world that are less than our best. Thanks for the validation that my environmental work is a battle worth fighting. Sometimes it is discouraging to fight the political machine, but I won't give up.

  3. I admire the effort and detail you put into your creations. The drawings are amazing and if you put it aside for awhile you may just find your muse points you in the right direction eventually. I like where you were trying to go with the first two sets and understand why the results were not what you wanted. I can "see" both designs in an etched form though. For the opalite I found it doesn't work with silver and looks best with copper or gold filled pieces.

    1. I'm sure those sketches will come in handy as inspiration someday. I wish I knew how to etch; it's on my list of classes to take in the future. I agree about using opalite with copper. Good point! I've done that before and liked it. I'm not sure why I felt the need to use silver. Thanks for your helpful feedback. :)

  4. I love the second pair of earrings that you made! They look fantastic!
    And the jewelry set looks amazing!
    Greetings, Sofie

  5. Your process is fascinating. I am so glad you showed us that! You know, I often take on challenges like this because I will learn something new from them, not necessarily for the end result. I like the direction you are going in with making your own tin Zentangle inspired components. I wouldn't give up on that! You could really get into making those totally tangled and that would be really special! I think that you did learn something from this process...namely the lesson of focus. I know that when I am pulled in a million directions I can't devote myself to any one thing. I love, love the donation piece you made. Dr Seuss is special and this has a restful quality that speaks volumes! Thank you for joining me in the We're All Ears challenge for September. Check back on October 2nd for the next inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. I love how you shared the process. The second pair are my favorites.

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