Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Consignment: Forsythea (Astoria, Oregon)

A collection of my jewelry is now available at a lovely shop in Astoria, Oregon. Forsythea, a store I have long admired, specializes in artisan decor for home & garden and features work by local artists. Patricia, the owner, waded through the five display cases I packed of every style of my jewelry and chose an eclectic selection of pieces, shown below. Her cool shop is right on the main street of town and gets quite a bit of traffic, so I am hoping to get some exposure there. Astoria is such a vibrant place - so funky, and so much happening. 

It seems that every time I go there, someone is camped out in those chairs in front of the store. I don't blame them; it's a great place to people watch, especially on Sunday during market hours. 

Step inside and you'll find stunning artwork and beautiful displays. 

            *photo from her Facebook page

These are the 10 pieces Patricia chose to consign for me:

Mixed Metals:
(Handcut, textured and antiqued aluminum, copper and brass gears, handmade earwires)

(Textured and antiqued copper washers, copper and silver dangles, handmade earwires)

Gemstones and Metal:

(Chalcedony, copper washer, copper and silver wire, handmade earwires)

(Peruvian blue opal, silver dragonflies, handmade earwires)

(Lapis lazuli, turquoise magnesite, silver, handmade earwires)

(Larimar, amazonite, embossed and patinated tin, antiqued brass, handmade earwires)

(Blue lace agate, copper, handmade earwires)

(Blue lace agate, textured and antiqued copper washer! antiqued copper beads and chain)

(Prehnite, blue quartz, amazonite, copper, handmade earwires)

(Prehnite, blue quartz, fire agate, textured and antiqued copper washer, copper wire, antiqued copper chain)

1124 Commercial Street
Astoria, Oregon


  1. Wonderful jewelry for a wonderful shop!

    1. Thank you, Bonnie. It is nice to have made an Astoria connection. We'll see how this one works out.

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