Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Display Fit for a Queen

Sunflower Flats Jewelry Display

Today's topic: jewelry display. I always notice jewelry displays in shops, taking note of creative use of props. I have had the unique pleasure to observe the workings of a particular creative mind, Cindy Gardner from Sunflower Flats in Tillamook, OregonTo see my jewelry so artfully displayed in this beautiful shop touches my heart in a way I just can't describe. My jewelry has a new home, and what a beautiful home it is! This green hutch is perfect.

I love the colors and the props. That miniature dresser is adorable! 
 I feel like I have stepped into the vintage bedroom of a style icon and taken a sneak peek at her dressing table.

I see that we are on the same wavelength with our love of orange!

Suitcases make a great jewelry prop, and this cute little one is very sweet. I love the red and white fabric with my red jewelry. The starfish and shells are perfect with my ocean-themed jewelry. 

I love the way the jewelry sets are paired. I'm glad the brown and white bird is keeping watch over his new similarly-colored friends.

Earrings galore . . . 

These beautiful photos were taken by Cindy's daughter and partner, Natalie. Just lovely. 
Thank you, gals!

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