Sunday, December 21, 2014

Love New Tools!

I had drooled long enough. After entering a contest for a $700 rolling mill and a giveaway that included a complete embossing set, oceans of embossed metal pieces began to flood into my Pinterest boards, jewelry blogs, and most convincingly, my dreams. I HAD to include embossing in my jewelry tool belt, and I HAD to have it now. I mean, being one in thousand of contestants didn't fare well for actually winning one. Then there is the waiting for the announcement. No, this was going to be my Christmas present to myself, and I wanted it NOW. Introducing my new. . . L-O -V -E!

After gathering every sort of metal in my stash, the experiments began. Brass, copper, and aluminum blanks and sheet metal. Brass and copper gears and cogs. Almost every single tool in my arsenal: BIGkick, embossing folders, disc cutter, dapping set, metal sheers, hole punch (not pictured).  

Next step: patinating the newly embossed blanks. Vintaj, I think I love you. 

As I was making embossed charm components, the ocean was roaring. I could hear it even with my windows closed. As a result, the first embossing folder I experimented with was an ocean-themed one. I love the starfish and sand dollar charms with their beachy colors. Usually I agonize over naming things, but the name for these charms popped into my head immediately . . . Charmed by the Sea.

I wondered how the patinas would look on other metal pieces like coins and keys.

I absolutely adore this process and see many hours of entertainment and experimentations ahead with my versatile new tools. In my next post, I'll share the jewelry I make using these embossed metal components. Stay tuned.

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