Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bargain Purchase Becomes Treasure

Sometimes an item is on sale at a ridiculously low price, and you just can't help buying it, even though the quantity offered is far greater that you will ever use. Such is the case with these four-holed brass hoops; I have hundreds of these things.
For years I have been searching for innovative ways to utilize them. Texturizing. Doming. When I saw my new BIGkick machine sitting on my work table and realized that these hoops could be embossed and patinated, they suddenly became interesting and useful. I had LOTS of them to experiment with. I tried a variety of embossing folders and played with layering patina. You'll likely be seeing a lot more of these in future posts.

These cobalt brios were one of those no-hesitation purchases. I love these colors!

Designing with these hoops was interesting. I found myself struggling to find a variety of ways to utilize those bottom three holes - jump rings, chain, paddles, wrapped brios. I needs to figure out more options. 

I have been hoarding this expensive larimar forever. Finally, there was a perfect project to utilize it. 

I bought these spiny oyster beads on-line and envisioned them much larger than they turned out to be. I haven't used them very often. 

I think I will move on from hoops to another type of component. I wonder which one?

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