Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Leather Bracelets

Looking through countless pages of leather strips on various sites, I have discovered that with all of the wild colors out there, I am really only drawn to neutrals - tans, towns, and blacks. There are some great shades in these neutrals, though. It's been fun to play with combinations of leather and metal in a variety of finishes - antiqued brass, copper, and pewter. Here are my experiments with Tierrcast leather strips, clasps, and embellishments from

The color of the leather below is called "taco." Hmmmm....interesting name, beautiful color. Incredibly soft! Love the bamboo embellishment. Z-clasps are so easy to use.

On this saddle brown bracelet (below), I discovered that brass nuts from the hardware store rivet well on this leather. Rock and roll, baby! (The embellishment is "Rock and Roll ID Tag.")

This color (below) is "rust." Looks gorgeous with antiqued copper. So rich. Adding a lobster clasp and chain makes this one adjustable to a variety of sizes.

Cocoa brown leather (below) is classic with silver.

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