Monday, May 12, 2014

Shop Order

I have been fortunate to be doing quite well selling my jewelry in a cute little shop called Cultivation in the small town of Wheeler, Oregon just north of here.

Lina, the owner, just put in an order for more bracelets, so I have been very busy in the studio, ordering new beads and stringing bracelets. I just received an order of handmade Indonesian glass from Happy Mango Beads at 40% off. Great sale! 

Here are some of the new bracelets that will be going in the shop soon. These first pieces can be worn as either 4X wrap beaded bracelets or necklaces. These gorgeous rustic red and crackly white beads are glass trade beads that are 100 years old (Happy Mango, again)! I love beads with a history.

As requested, I made lots of leather bracelets.

These rolo chain and leather bracelets have been big sellers in the shop, so I am sending more. I love that, unlike wrap bracelets, they are so easily adjustable. 

Now Lina is requesting more earrings. Back to work!

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