Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tin Obsession

In thrift or antique stores, I simply cannot resist looking for tins. I most certainly have enough already, but the collection continues to grow. Alright, I guess that qualifies as an obsession. Let's add beads and findings to that list. Or really any single thing related to jewelry-making. But back to the tin. I love finding beads to go with the color palette of the any given piece of tin. The other day I snagged a few tins at Goodwill, and here is what resulted. Disc-cutting, filing, dapping, hole-punching, riveting - such fun tools!  I hate it when I make something and then can't part with it! 

* vintage tin, crow beads, antiqued brass, vintage pink bead (from one of my mom's 1960's necklaces), black suede leather (adjustable)
* vintage tin, antiqued brass, glass, handmade earwires
* vintage tin, antiqued brass, glass, vintage beads, handmade earwires

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