Thursday, June 18, 2015

Uh, oh to OH!

Every once in a while life throws a curve ball. When I opened the cabinet where I store my chain, I noticed an interesting development. 

See the empty space on the bottom right section of the shelf? That is where I stored oxidizing solutions - liver of sulfur gel and Novacan. Mind you, these containers were triple-bagged in sealed zip lock bags. Bet you guessed the next thing I will say. The spool of silver-plated chain had tarnished in spots, which was easily removed with a brush of steel wool.

Now, here's the interesting thing. I never really liked the bright silver of this rolo chain; I always wanted antiqued silver. However, the supplier of this chain did not carry antiqued silver chain.  So I dipped some of the chain in a liver of sulfur bath, and here is what resulted.

I realize that all this did was remove the plating to expose the copper beneath. I didn't think LOS would oxidize plated metals.

However, I kinda like the vintagy look of it after a brushing of steel wool and a swipe through some polish pads. 

I'll try these sections of chain in a couple of leather cuffs and see what I think of it. 

If I end up not liking this look, my backup plan is to paint them with Vintaj patina.

All of this is in preparation for a jewelry-making demo at the Tillamook Cork & Brew tomorrow night. I plan to make some leather and chain cuffs, which don't require schlepping around a bunch of materials. Maybe I'll throw in some hemp and beads for some beach bracelets.


I made three bracelets during my demo (pictured below):

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