Monday, January 5, 2015

Inspiration Everywhere!

Yesterday while hiking at Lake Coffeebury in Ft. Steven's State Park, we enjoyed the beauty and solitude, in spite of the bitter, damp cold that numbed our hands and faces. On the trail, we stopped at a picnic shelter, and I noticed that all the posts had these interesting verdigris designs, which I obsessed over capturing with my camera. Turns out these were a result of vandalism that park officials had attempted to remove. The vandalism is a bummer. Nevertheless, the posts were intriguing and inspiring; I like to capture that same texture and design in my metal work. 

Speaking of metal, the Peter Iredale shipwreck (1906) on the ocean beach in the same park sported some lovely rust, texture, and shapes. I loved watching the horses pass in front of the structure. Moments later a jerk in his noisy old beater of a truck peeled out onto the beach and parked right in front of the ship. Sheesh. Some people.  Glad I got these photos before he ruined the whole thing.

Next post . . . some textured metal inspired by these photos.

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