Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fringe Benefits

In the world of fashion accessories, keeping on top of trends is probably a smart idea. I don't usually think about styles that are trending when I make jewelry. I just make what strikes me at the moment, and at the moment, I have a pile of deerskin lace that wants to be used. Utilizing leather lace in bracelets and necklaces is a no-brainer, but what about earrings? In the book, Bohemian-inspired Jewelry, there is a pair of earrings by Lorelei Eurto that uses leather as a hoop from which jump-ringed dangles are hung. Nina Designs posted a blog entry today about the trend of fringe jewelry. TierraCast also posted a design idea using rivets to secure the leather loop. All of the sudden, leather fringe is everywhere, so I guess I had better start some designing.

Here are some of my attempts to be trendy with leather-fringed earrings:

Aged picasso Czech glass, Indonesian glass, brass hoops and rings, brass rivets

Indonesian glass, silver discs, jump rings, silver rivets

Beautiful black-gray Botswana agate, silver spiral connectors, jump rings, silver rivets

Carnelian teardrop beads, brass bead caps, hoops, and rivets

Jasper, brass hoops, beads, and rivets

Here's a different style. I love using mixed metals.

Finally I used the Peruvian opal I have been hoarding for years. Love this color combination.


  1. I never pay attention to style trends when I make jewelry either. I just make what I like to wear. Which happens to be long earrings with fringe and dangle. So for a brief period, I will be trendy by accident. I love your variations on this design. That first pair are my favorite.

    1. Hi, Tammy. Nice to hear from you. Being trendy by accident sounds perfect. :) I liked the first pair until I just now added the last two pair, which I just finished and absolutely love! I think I will be wearing these all the time.