Monday, October 20, 2014

New Bracelet Design

Lately, I've been making earrings like a madwoman and have completely ignored my first love - bracelets. There's just something so therapeutic about sitting at my work table surrounded by boxes of beads and knotting waxed linen. On a recent spending spree, I added lots of soft, deerskin lace to my stash, which I've been wanting to utilize. 

In my travels through cyberspace, I remember seeing lace used as button loops. I believe it was Lorelei Eurto. That idea has stuck with me for a long time because I wanted an alternative to those waxed linen half-hitched knotted loops that drove me crazy at the end of the bracelet. It never failed that I would run short on cord or it would look twisted. So frustrating! 

I wasn't sure when I bought all of this leather if my rivets would fit the width of the lace, but they ended up fitting perfectly. Love it when that happens. Kismet!

Last night I couldn't sleep and didn't feel too well.  Making jewelry was an excellent distraction and figuring out how to make these lace loops was a satisfying and productive task. I really like how this bracelet turned out.

* Wood, bone, recycled glass, crow, African sandcast, silver, and very old trade beads knotted on brown Irish waxed linen with a deerskin loop and silver buffalo nickel button. 

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