Friday, March 14, 2014

The Slurge

My obsession with collecting vintage tins gives me a focused mission on my trips to local thrift and antique stores. I am always searching for ways to use tin pieces in my jewelry, and I am currently hooked on designs with crescent-shaped drops. Cutting discs into crescent shapes with my metal sheers has been tricky. I can't find a way to cut a decent rounded top, so I have to resort to a notched look. Definitely one of those "handmade" things. Here are some earrings I made yesterday that illustrate my point.

Solution: For years I have been drooling over disc cutters. Having done my research and finally making the decision to go ahead and splurge on a new tool, I was met with the frustration of having every single supplier of the cutter I have been coveting declare the item "out of stock."  Back to the research. Arriving tomorrow will be my Ikohe 11-piece disc cutter. Can't wait!

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