Saturday, October 30, 2021

Daily Meditations


Daily Meditation


Daily Meditation: Cats and FB

Daily Meditation: CATS and FB

Okay, given recent revelations, I really am having difficulties sticking with FB as a platform. I do not support their policies, but I do love looking at all of the beautiful art and photos posted here and keeping in touch with friends. Without this platform, my drawings would have no reach into the world outside of my art room.  I certainly don’t draw for the purpose of sharing, but it does seem a shame to just stick them into a photo album, forgotten and lonely. 

I stopped using IG long ago because I don’t like the whole IG “influencers” thing. All the selfies and trendy stuff is icky.  

I like to write and share photos. So what do I use as an alternative to FB? I once had this blog, but that died years ago. I guess for the time being, I grit my teeth, hold my nose, and use their platform. I am, however, going to back up all of my art posts here on Blogger just in case. 

CATS and drawing. I am trying to teach myself to draw realistic stuff. Here is my first attempt. Of course, a CAT would be the first! 🐈‍⬛

Daily Meditation: Trees and Clutter

Daily Meditation: Trees and Clutter

Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.

                                         ~ Munia Khan 

Inspired by gorgeous fall foliage and a profound meditation on creating the life that we desire. I changed this piece countless times. At first, it was way too busy and cluttered, taking the focus away from the outline of the maple leaf. A black paint pen was all it took to blot out the undesirable busyness. At times, the same busyness clutters our lives, obscuring our view and shifting our focus from life’s most important things. In those moments, a black paint pen and bold actions are required to blot out the clutter that does not add beauty to this life.

Daily Meditations: The Sea

Four years have passed since I have updated this blog. We moved from the coast to a city inland in the valley, life plans changed completely, a pandemic stopped and then altered every aspect of life, and my creative muse took a long and weird vacation. Jewelry making, a creative outlet and passion which dominated my first five years in retirement, no longer called to me. But I soon discovered that, for me, creativity must be honored and fostered in order for my spirit to be calmed. I picked up a pen one day, and my new outlet was clear. . . meditative drawing. Here are drawings inspired by the sea. Copic markers, Micron pens, gel pens, Posca paint pens, Derwent watercolor pencils, chalk pencil, graphite

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Jewelry Gifts

Inspired by the Sea and Made in my New Studio!

On our recent, brief trip to the Oregon coast I picked up these seaside-themed gifts for a new friend (and neighbor) in Eugene. I have been invited today to a gathering of six teachers, and this is my gift to the host of the party. It should be fun drinking wine and conversing with Oregon teachers. 

* Earrings are made from embossed and painted recycled tin and glass. These are my FIRST pieces of jewelry made in my new (but still very disorganized) studio in Eugene.

Our realtors, who helped us by our dream home, have become dear friends. I made this set for Renee as a thank you gift.

* Seaglass, brass, recycled glass

Spring Fling

Spring @ Sunflower Flats 

Cindy Gardner, the owner of Sunflower Flats in Tillamook, Oregon, requested some new jewelry in a pink, lavender, and purple color palette for spring. Those aren't colors I usually work with, but I had great fun with these. 

Vintage beads, glass, mother-of-pearl buttons, bone, silver

Trade beads, seaglass, recycled glass, blue lace agate, copper

Rose quartz and amethyst drops, glass, silver

Embossed and painted recycled tin, glass, silver

Cindy's daughter, Natalie, sent me photos of the spring jewelry display case at the shop. She and Cindy always create such pretty and clever displays throughout the store. With the sunny warm weather yesterday and again today, it seems like spring has finally arrived, making winter a distant memory. 

Thank you, Cindy and Natalie Rieger! Happy Spring!